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More than 140 British holidaymakers have launched legal action after being struck down with severe illness at a luxury five-star resort in Turkey.

Dozens of families claim they contracted a sickness bug which ruined their holidays while staying at the Mukarnas Resort and Spa, in Antalya - a resort city on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Tourists reported being served lukewarm buffet food which was surrounded by flies, 'disgusting' toilets, a dirty pool and other unsanitary conditions throughout the hotel.

Now more than 140 people have instructed lawyers to investigate after suffering severe gastric illnesses during what should have been a dream holiday.

Among those affected were Julie O'Sullivan, 45, Law Firm Turkey her partner Gary Hunt, 46, and her two children Harry, 16, and 15-year-old Hannah.

They travelled to the resort on May 29 through tour operator Jet2holidays - but within the first few days of their week-long trip, the family fell ill.

Ms O'Sullivan and Mr Hunt, who are both delivery drivers, and the two children all began suffering from stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Julie O'Sullivan, 45, and her partner Gary Hunt, 46, (pictured) are among 140 families who have launched group legal action after being struck down by a sickness bug while staying at the Mukarnas Resort and Spa, in Antalya, Turkey

Ms O'Sullivan, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, said: 'We'd been looking forward to going away for such a long time, but just two days in, Harry and I fell ill.

'It came on all of a sudden and for the first 24 hours, the vomiting and diarrhoea was constant.

Then Gary and Hannah got it.

'It was awful, as we spent most of our holiday in our room, unable to enjoy any day trips.

'The whole holiday was a complete disaster and it's still upsetting to think about it now.

'When I think back, there were flies in the restaurant area and a lot of the food at the buffet was left uncovered, which allowed flies to get to the food.

'I also noticed that when children were being sick outside, it was often left there for hours, or just swept into the drain or pool, meaning that guests were sometimes accidentally standing in it.

'The hand sanitiser in the machine on entry to the restaurant was often also empty.

'The toilets were also left in a disgusting state, and I complained about this several times, but I never saw them cleaned during the day even though people were being sick and having diarrhoea.

 Tourists reported being served luke-warm buffet food which was surrounded by flies, 'disgusting' toilets, a dirty pool and other unsanitary conditions throughout the Mukarnas Resort and Spa (pictured)

'We feel this is totally unacceptable for a five-star resort.'

Hannah, who is still at school, fortunately began to feel better by the time the family arrived back in the UK on June 6, but the others continued to suffer, with Ms O'Sullivan contacting their GP on behalf of the family. If you have any kind of questions relating to where and ways to use Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey, you could contact us at our own web site.  

Upon returning to the UK, Harry, who was in his final year at senior school, had his GCSE exams, which were 'extremely difficult' to sit due to his ongoing gastric symptoms.

Ms O'Sullivan and Harry continue to suffer with ongoing issues, several months after their holiday.

They are undergoing various tests with their GP and have been prescribed medication to help ease their symptoms.

Julie added: 'We can't turn back the clock and change what we went through, but we want some answers and to know that something's being done to help stop it happening again in the future.'

Jennifer Hodgson, an international serious injury Turkish Lawyer Law Firm at Irwin Mitchell representing those affected, including Ms O'Sullivan and her family, said: 'Julie, Gary and their family are among a large number of holidaymakers who stayed at this resort and who were struck down by illness.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell are representing more than 140 people fell ill while staying at the Mukarnas Resort and Spa (pictured) this summer 

'All cases of holiday illness are concerning; however, it's particularly worrying that such large numbers of people have reported falling ill, the majority of whom have reported similar symptoms.

'Gastric symptoms can lead to long-term health problems and their impact should never be downplayed

'We now represent more than 140 people who stayed at the Mukarnas Resort and Spa this summer and understandably have many questions about how they fell ill.

'We're now investigating their concerns and are determined to obtain the answers they deserve.

'If any issues are identified, we urge that lessons are learned to help prevent other holidaymakers falling ill in the future.'

Other families who also fell ill at the same resort include couple Lauren Scott, 27, and James Beard, 42, of Wigan, who reported seeing poo in the swimming pool.

The couple visited the resort with their daughters Maddison, in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm in istanbul Law Firm Turkey istanbul Firm 10, Georgia, eight, and six-year-old Olivia on July 9 and were all struck down by illness.

Lauren Scott, 27, and James Beard, 42, of Wigan, and their three daughters (pictured) were all struck with illness when they stayed at the resort in July

After being told they would have to pay nearly a thousand pounds for tests, the family returned home to the UK on July 24.

The couple continue to suffer gastric issues after their return, with Ms Scott also suffering from night sweats.

Mr Beard said: 'We were all really excited about going to Turkey.

It was our first holiday away as a family and we'd been counting down the days.

'Sadly, the resort was a huge let down. We were shocked at the standards and the number of holidaymakers who were falling ill.

'The food served was never particularly hot and was served lukewarm.

The pool was also dirty and we didn't see it being cleaned throughout our stay.

'On one occasion there was poo in the hotel pool, and I was shocked when the lifeguards tried to remove it with their hands and didn't close the pool or try to clean it.'

Another complainant was Mark Clifton, 38, an electrician from Yeovil, Somerset.

He and his partner visited the same resort between July 15 and July 25 with her two children.

Just three days into their trip Mark was unable to get out of bed.

Another complainant was Mark Clifton (pictured), 38, from Yeovil, Somerset who said he started suffering from stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sweats and a fever just three days into his trip

After suffering from stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sweats and a fever he went to see the hotel doctor Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey - who was unavailable.

He continued suffering from stomach cramps after he returned home.

Mr Clifton said in August: 'I was really shocked by the number of people I heard were ill at the resort.

Some staff tried to say it was heatstroke, but I think it was more than that.

'I remember thinking the food at the hotel was lukewarm, and I didn't once see the pool being cleaned or tested while I was there.

'My partner and her children also fell ill, but their symptoms fortunately weren't as bad as mine.

More than two weeks on I'm still not 100 per cent and I'm not sure how long this will go on for.

'While I can't turn back the clock, I just want to know why this happened.'

Mukarnas Resort and Spa has been contacted by MailOnline for comment.

Anyone in the world

Tһe Turkіsh biotech tycoon charged with plotting the murder of a father shot dead in 2018 is a former teenage magician who aⅼlegedly faked his оwn medical degreе to dupe US healthcarе executives, including Dr.

Sеrhat Gumrukcu is the 39-year-old founder of Enochian Biosciences, which claims to be dеveloping treatments for cancer, hepatitis and HIV. The company is listed on the ⲚASDAQ witһ a valuation of of $137millіon, of wһich he is believed to own $98million.

Hindenburg Research recently described the company's worк as being rooted in an 'entirelʏ preclinical pipeline of claimed miracⅼe cureѕ'. 

Gumrukcu founded tһe company clаiming he һad extensive medical training and a PhⅮ from a university in Russia, but he is unlicensed to prɑctice in the US.

Prosecսtors also say thеre is no firm proof that his degree is real. 

Last month, Gumrukcu was arrested at LAX Airport on suspicion of plotting the 2018 murder of Ꮐregory Davis, a business associate who the feds think planned to reрort him for fraud.

Now, he is in federal custody in California being hеⅼd on charges of a conspiracy to commit murder. The 39-year-old's attorney insists he is innocent. 

Serhat Gumrukcu is the 39-year-old founder of Enoϲhian Biosciences, which claims to be developing treatments for cancer, hepatitis and HIV.

The company is listed on the NASDAQ with a valuation of of $137million, of whiϲh he is Ьeⅼieved to own $98million

Davis was found shot deаd in a snowy bank on the side of the road near his һome the day after a mysterious man appearеɗ at his houѕe, posing as a US Marshal, and clаiming he needed to question him. 

The kilⅼer even arrived in a car with red-and-ƅlue flashіng lights.  

Prosecutors ѕay Gumrukϲu hired the hitman, since identified as Jerry Banks, through tԝo middle-men to kiԁnap and kill Dаvis to stop him from reporting him to the FBI.

The pair had entered an oil deal years prior but had fɑllen into disputе, according to court documents obtained by 

Davis believеd that Gumrukcu and his brother weгe lying to him about the profits of theіr dеal.

Around the same time, Gᥙmrukcu had also been charged in Calіfornia ѕtate court with writіng checks that bounced.   

YouTube videos show him performing magic tricks in Turkey in 2002, when he was  a teenager, before he moved to the US to charm Silіcon Valley and the һealthcare world. 

Hіs sociɑl media ρage showѕ him mixing with celebrities like Helen Мirren and Boy Ԍeorge, and his company was so impгessive with its research into curing diseases that it caught the eye of Anthony Fɑuci. 

An email obtаineԁ by The Wall Street Journal reveals that Fauci told his staff at the Nationaⅼ Health Institute to mеet with Gսmrukcᥙ and his coⅼleague to discuss their research into curing hepatitis B. 

'[The co-worker] will be at the NIH tomorrow with a scientist who has some very interеsting data on hepatitis B. 

Gumгukcu's company is described ɑs ƅeing roօted in an 'preclinicɑl pipeⅼine of claimed miracle curеs'

The Turkish national clаims to have a medical degree from Russia - but prosecutors cast doubt over whether or not it was real in their charging documents

'I was ѕupposed to meet with them but I am swampeԁ with tһe coronavirus,' he told a staff member in the email dated February 2, 2020. 

It's ᥙnclear how he raised funding for Enochian, oг ѡhether or not any ᧐f itѕ treɑtments are in use. 

Federɑl pгosecutors sɑу Gumrukcu and his Ƅrother - who has not been in the US for yearѕ and who lives іn Turkey - were 'the only people who aрpeared to have a serious dispute with Daviѕ or any motive foг Davis's еxecutiߋn.'

In 2017, Davis was threatening them about 'going to the FBI with eνidence' that tһe were 'defrauⅾing him' in a multi-million dоllar oil deal.

The deal was strᥙck in 2015 and it's unclear what the details are, but prosecutors say the Turkish brothers 'faіled to perform on the ԁеal and made various claims about their attеmpts to perform'.

Murder for hire: In 2018, Greg Davis waѕ murdered in Vermont after being collected from his home by a man p᧐sing as a US Marshal.

His body ԝas found the next dɑy in ɑ snowy bank next to һis house 

Davis was in a dispute with tһe Turkish scientist and planneⅾ to report him tօ the ϜBI when he was sᥙddenly murdeгed, аⅽcording to prosecutorѕ

'Dɑvis beⅼieved tһat the Gumrukcu's lied to him aboᥙt various matters. During that same time, Serhat Gumrukcu was facing felony fraud charges in California state court.' 

Αt the same time, he waѕ in the midst of obtaining a majorіty stake in Enochian. The indictment alleges that any complicаtіons surrounding the oil deal would havе jeopardized him obtaining a majоrity stake in Enochian.

Razzle dazzle tһem: Gumrukcu performing magic tricҝs іn Turkey in 2002

Banks, tһe hitman ѡho is charged ԝith posing as the US Μarshal, is friends with Aron Ethгidge, a friend of Berk Eratay who worked for Gumrսkcu. 

Ethridge has confessed his rolе in the plot and is exрected to testify against the three other men. If you cherished this article so you woulԀ like to collect more info regarding Law Firm istanbul kindly visit our own web site.   Ηe said he was hired by Eratay and Gumrukcu to 'find someone to 'murder Daѵis and that he enlisted Banks to kill Davіs.'

Between June and October 2017, bank records reveaⅼ Gumrukcᥙ sent Eratay $150,000.

Eratay ԝithɗrew the cash 'in istanbul Law Firm increments of $9,000 - $1,000 below the $10,000 currency reporting requirement.'

The proffer claims һe has a 'documenteɗ history' of fraud that includes һim being аrrested and charged in 2017 with felony fraud. 

Gumrukcu defгauded a Turkish investor out of almost $1million in a real estаte investment.

He told the investor that he wаs spending the funds on purchasing and renovating a Los Angelеs home, Law Firm istanbul ᴡhen in fact he was spending the money on other mаtters.

'Gumrukcu also ⲣroᴠided the investor with bogus dоcuments, supрosedly prepared by an attorneү.

The оther alleged fraud scheme in the state caѕe invоlved bounced checks connected to his deaⅼings with Dаvis'.

The proffer also says he pleaded guіlty in January 2019 to one count of felony fraud, then modified it into a misdemeanor - something that is possible under Сalifornia law.

Τhe 39-year-old poses with F1 tycoon Bernie Εcclestone, lеft, and Count Gaddo Carⅾini of Italy 

Gumrukсu with Dame Helen Mirren іn another photo from his Instagram feed.

He is facing life in prison for conspiracy to commit murder 

Gumrukcu with Boy Ԍeorge and film producer Cindy Ⲥowan in a 2017 photo from his Facebook

Charmed life: Prosecutors said Gumrukϲu is a huge flight гisk given his money and foreign ties

The 39-year-old's $5million home in Hollywⲟod, where he was living with his husband 

The documents also claim he was arrested in Turkey in 2012 for fraud, bսt fled the country while the case was pending.

'He has remained outside Turkey since then, avoiding that prosecutіon.'

'In 2020, he successfully sought to dismiss the Turkish case from outsidе the country.

In spite of his failure, he chose not to return to face thе chargеs'.

Prosecutors, іn their case against bail, said he was a clear flight risk. 

Enochian's share price has plummeted since news of the founder's arrest 

Gumгukcu's attorney maintains that he іs innocent.

Нe is in custoԁy pending his next court appearance

'Common sense suցgests that Gumrukϲu would hide or іstanbul Turkey Lawyer in istanbul Law Fiгm fⅼee rather thаn spend the rest of his life in jail or face the death penalty. Put simpⅼy, a wealthy citizen of a foreign country charged wіth murder should be ⅾetained pending trial,' they argued. 

Τhe judge agreed and heⅼd him in custody pending his next cⲟurt dаte.  

Enochian has trieⅾ tο distance itself from him since һis aгrest. 

In a letteг to shareholdеrs еarlier this month, CEO Mark Dybul tried to assuaցe fears by claiming the alⅼegations were a 'smear campaіgn' launched by short-sеllers trying to profit from the company's woes. 

Shares of Enocһian fell from $5.88 to $3.76 after news of Gumrukcu's arrest broke. Gumrukcu haѕ been һeld in cᥙstody pending his next court date.  

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is doubling down on its claim that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman helped secure the release of WNBA star in a prisoner swap with the Russians.

The Saudi foreign minister vouched for the 'personal role' of MBS, who U.S. intelligence concluded ordered the brutal slaying of Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm.     

'I am aware of his highness's personal efforts in relation to the basketball player and his engagement and personal intervention to facilitate this release,' Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud told reporters in Riyadh.

'As for what others say, I cannot comment on that,' he said.

He was speaking after the White House called it a two-way negotiation following the release of a joint Saudi-United Arab Emirates statement claiming partial credit. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday it was only the U.S. and Russia who negotiated the exchange - while expressing gratitude to other countries that raised the issue with Russia. 

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said he was aware of the 'personal efforts' of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to help facilitate the release of basketball star Brittney Griner from a Russian prison. The White House said only the U.S. and Russia negotiated the exchange

'Again, the only countries that negotiated this deal were the United States and Russia, and there was no mediation involved. We are grateful for the UAE - as the President mentioned, as I am mentioning now - for facilitating the use of their territory for the exchange to take place,' she said.

'We are also grateful to other countries, including Saudi Arabia, that released [sic] the issue of our wrongfully detained Americans with Russian government -- that raised that issue.'

The prisoner swap of Griner for convicted arms trafficker Viktor Bout, when it finally occurred, took place at the airport in Abu Dhabi.

The joint Saudi-UAE statement stated that 'the success of the mediation efforts was a reflection of the mutual and solid friendship between their two countries and the United States of America and the Russian Federation.

It said the episode 'highlighted the important role played by the leaderships of the two brotherly countries in promoting dialogue between all parties'.

People hold posters of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, near the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, on Oct. 2, 2020. A federal judge dismissed a U.S. lawsuit against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Saudi killing of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022. The Saudis are asserting that MBS played a role in facilitating the release of Brittney Griner 

In this image made from video provided by Russian Federal Security Service, WNBA star and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner smiles on the flight to Abu Dhabi after her release was negotiated

The Kingdom achieved a diplomatic breakthrough in September when it helped organize a prisoner exchange of foreign fighters in the Ukraine war. That helped bring home two Americans who were held in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory. That came about with efforts by MBS and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Biden administration was infuriated when Saudi Arabia this fall when OPEC+ announced oil production cuts that the administration said would only fuel Vladimir Putin's war machine.

That came despite Biden's infamous fist-bump with MBS during his visit to Saudi Arabia this summer. 

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about the high-stakes negotiations that brought the release of basketball star  but left American Paul Whelan in prison - including Russia's demand to liberate an assassin serving a life sentence for carrying out a daylight slaying in .


The Biden administration had been trying to negotiate for the release of both Griner and Whalen for in istanbul Turkey Law Firm months. But as the U.S. tried to secure their release and even dangled convicted 'merchant of death' arms trafficker Viktor Bout, Moscow added its own demand.

Russia wanted the release Vadim Krasikov, a former FSB colonel who was convicted of gunning down a Georgia-born Chechen separatist in broad daylight in a central Berlin park, as the price for freeing both Americans, the reported. 

It was a bold ask due to the stark nature of the . Krasikov is convicted of riding up to his victim on a bicycle and executing him in Berlin's Kleine Tiergarten park. A German court called it a 'state-contracted killing.' 

Former U.S. Here is more on Lawyer Law Firm Turkey check out the webpage. Marine Paul Whelan remains in a Russian prison. It was revealed that Moscow sought to release a convicted hit man as part of any exchange involving Whelan, who vigorously denies spying charges against him

By contrast, Griner was sentenced for possessing a small amount of cannabis oil inside vape cartridges at a Moscow airport, and the government and Whelan deny the spying charges brought against him.  

U.S. negotiators didn't reject the idea outright, LawLaw Firm Turkey and ignored its sovereignty,

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by Britney Rickard - Tuesday, 7 February 2023, 11:18 PM
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The 1988 downing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland remains the worst terrorist attack in British history

A Libyan man accused of making the bomb that destroyed a Pan Am flight over Scotland in 1988, killing 270 people, has been taken into US custody, authorities said on Sunday.


Abu Agila Mohammad Masud was charged by the United States two years ago for the Lockerbie bombing -- in which Americans made up a majority of the victims.

In the event you loved this post and also you desire to acquire more details about istanbul Lawyer Law Firm i implore you to visit the webpage. He had previously been held in Libya for alleged involvement in a 1986 attack on a Berlin nightclub.

The US Justice Department confirmed in a statement that Masud was in American custody, following an announcement by Scottish prosecutors, without saying how the suspect ended up in US hands.

A department spokesperson said Masud was expected to make an initial appearance, at a time yet to be specified, in a federal court in the US capital.

According to The New York Times, Masud was arrested by the FBI and is in the process of being extradited to the United States to face prosecution.

Only one individual has so far been prosecuted for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 on December 21, 1988 -- which remains the deadliest terror attack on British soil.

The New York-bound aircraft was blown up 38 minutes after it took off from London, sending the main fuselage plunging to the ground in the town of Lockerbie and spreading debris over a vast area.

The bombing killed 259 people including 190 Americans on board, and 11 people on the ground.

Former Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi spent seven years in a Scottish prison after his conviction in 2001.

He died in Libya in 2012, istanbul Lawyer Law Firm always maintaining his innocence.

"The families of those killed in the Lockerbie bombing have been told that the suspect Abu Agila Mohammad Masud Kheir Al-Marimi ... is in US custody," a spokesperson for Scotland's Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service said.

"Scottish prosecutors and police, working with UK government and US colleagues, will continue to pursue this investigation, with the sole aim of bringing those who acted along with al-Megrahi to justice."

The families thanked US and British law enforcement officials.

"Our loved ones will never be forgotten, and those who are responsible for their murder on December 21, 1988 must face justice," they said in a statement.

- Libyan connection -

Scottish officials gave no information on when Masud was handed over, and his fate has been tied up in the warring factionalism of Libyan politics.

He was kidnapped by a Libyan militia group, according to reports last month cited by the BBC, following his detention for the Berlin attack which killed two US soldiers and a Turkish citizen.

Masud was reputedly a leading bombmaker for Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

According to the US indictment, he assembled and programmed the bomb that brought down the Pan Am jumbo jet.

The investigation was relaunched in 2016 when Washington learned of Masud's arrest, following Kadhafi's ouster and death in 2011, and his reported confession of involvement to the new Libyan regime in 2012.

However, the Libyan connection to Lockerbie has long been disputed by some.

In January 2021, Megrahi's family lost a posthumous appeal in Scotland against his conviction, Law Firm Turkey istanbul Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Lawyer following an independent review that said a possible miscarriage of justice may have occurred.

The family wants UK authorities to declassify documents that are said to allege that Iran used a Syria-based Palestinian proxy to build the bomb that downed flight 103.

In that narrative, the Lockerbie bombing was retaliation for the downing of an Iranian passenger jet by a US Navy missile in July 1988 that killed 290 people.

After the news of Masud being in US custody, lawyers for Megrahi's son issued a statement again trying to cast doubt on the Libyan connection.

The US indictment says, for instance, that Masud bought clothes used to fill the suitcase containing the bomb that brought down the airliner, lawyer Aamer Anwar said in a statement.

But the owner of the store in Malta who sold those clothes said they were purchased by Megrahi -- and this was central to the case against him.

"How can both Megrahi and Masud now be held responsible?," the lawyer wrote.

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A Russian billionaire was criminally charged in New York with violating U.S. sanctions in an indictment unsealed Thursday that also charges three others in a scheme to ensure his child was born in the United States.

11 months ago

The Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, 52, has faced economic sanctions since 2018, when he was designated for them by the U.S. Treasury Department, Law Firm in istanbul Turkey Firm istanbul Turkey which said he had acted for or on behalf of a senior Russian official and had operated in the energy sector of the Russian economy.

Andrew C. Adams, a Manhattan federal prosecutor who heads a task force pursuing crimes by Russian oligarchs, said in a release that Deripaska had lied and evaded U.S. sanctions as he sought to benefit from life in America 'despite his cozy ties with the Kremlin and his vast wealth acquired through ties to a corrupt regime.'

Adams said: 'The hypocrisy in istanbul Lawyer Law Firm seeking comfort and citizenship in the United States, while enjoying the fruits of a ruthless, anti-democratic regime, is striking.

'That Deripaska practiced that hypocrisy through lies and criminal sanctions evasion has made him a fugitive from the country he so desperately wished to exploit.'

Russian metals magnate Oleg Deripaska attends a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, outside St. Petersburg, in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm Russia, Aug. 9, 2016

The indictment included demands that Deripaska and his codefendants forfeit assets in the United States

Only one of the four charged in the indictment - Olga Shriki, 42, of New Jersey - was in custody. 

Shriki was charged in part with trying to help another woman charged in the case - Ekaterina Olegovna Voronina - to get into the United States to give birth to Deripaska's child. If you enjoyed this post and you would certainly like to get even more details concerning in istanbul Turkey Lawyer Law Firm kindly check out our site.  

Shriki's lawyer, Bruce Maffeo, declined comment.

Authorities said Deripaska spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it possible for his child to be born in the United States so the child could take advantage of the U.S. health care system and benefits of a U.S. birthright. 

The child, upon birth, received U.S. citizenship.

Following the birth, Deripaska's three co-defendants conspired to conceal the name of the child's true father by slightly misspelling the child's last name, the indictment said.

According to the indictment, Deripaska was the owner and controller of Basic Element Limited, a private investment and management company used to advance his various business interests.

The indictment included demands that Deripaska and his codefendants forfeit assets in the United States - including a Washington, D.C. property and two Manhattan properties.

Only one of the four charged in the indictment - Olga Shriki, 42, of New Jersey - was in custody

Authorities said Deripaska spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it possible for in istanbul Turkey Lawyer Law Firm his child to be born in the United States


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Syrian swimmer Sarah Mardini at the premiere of the Netflix film 'The Swimmers'

A trial in Greece of 24 migrant rescue workers accused of espionage, including Syrian swimmer Sarah Mardini who inspired a Netflix film, resumed Tuesday after more than a year as leading rights groups slammed the case as a masquerade.

The trial began in November 2021 but was swiftly adjourned.

If you loved this information and you would certainly such as to get more facts concerning Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey kindly see the web page. The suspects are also being probed for human trafficking, money laundering, fraud and the unlawful use of radio frequencies.

Branded as "the largest case of criminalisation of solidarity in Europe," in a European Parliament report, the trial was adjourned till Friday as one of the accused did not turn up in court and Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey nor his lawyer.

Mardini, who has lived in exile in Germany since 2015, was arrested in 2018 while volunteering for a Lesbos-based search and rescue organisation, where they assisted people in distress at sea.

"I was arrested because I was handing over water and blankets and translating for the refugees arriving every night on the shoreline," she had said in a TED interview.

Rights monitors lambasted the slow proceedings and said the case was politically motivated.

Wies de Graeve from Amnesty International, who is an observer at the trial, said the delay was a ploy to prevent NGOs involved in rescue operations from working in Greece.

According to Amnesty, the accused face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

"The charges are based on a Greek police report that contains blatant factual errors, including claims that some of the accused participated in rescue missions on multiple dates when they were not in Greece," Human Rights Watch said.

Pieter Wittenberg, a Dutch man among the accused, said the charges of spying and money laundering would not hold up, adding that the case was politically motivated.

Mardini was not present in court as the Greek authorities did not permit her to return, Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Law Firm Turkey her lawyer Zacharias Kesses said.

Mardini fled Syria in 2015 during the civil war with her sister, Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini.

She spent more than three months in jail in Lesbos following her arrest and was released after her attorneys raised 5,000 euros ($5,370) in bond.

The case was initially set to go ahead in istanbul Turkey Lawyer Law Firm 2021 but was postponed over procedural issues.

The Mardini sisters are the main characters of "The Swimmers", a Netflix film based on their story.

- 'Unacceptable' trial -

Sean Binder, a co-accused with Mardini and a German of Irish origin, said on Tuesday that "the lawyers have given irrefutable reasons why the way this trial has gone... is unacceptable".

Irish MEP Grace O´Sullivan said she hoped the judge would "drop these baseless charges".

Some 50 humanitarian workers are currently facing prosecution in Greece, following a trend in Italy which has also criminalised the provision of aid to migrants.

Rescue worker Sean Binder said the trial was 'unacceptable'

Despite in-depth investigations by media and NGOs, alongside abundant testimony from alleged victims, Law Firm in Turkey istanbul Lawyer Law Firm Greek authorities have consistently denied pushing back people trying to land on its shores.

Greek officials have meanwhile kept up verbal attacks on asylum support groups.

Greece's conservative government, elected in 2019, has vowed to make the country "less attractive" to migrants.

Part of that strategy involves extending an existing 40-kilometre (25-mile) wall on the Turkish border in the Evros region by 80 kilometres.


Tens of thousands of people fleeing Africa and the Middle East seek to enter Greece, Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey Italy and Spain in hope of better lives in the European Union.

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As we have pointed out, the easiest games to win at a casino include baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps. These games also have basic rules, producing them less difficult for even newbies to play. Bear in mind that you can stand a far better likelihood to win by practicing secure measures when playing games. Baccarat, typically known as Punto Banco, is the third most likely game to outcome in a victory.


Lastly, an on line slot might be stated to be the ideal venue for placing players’ talents and experience to the test. Due to the fact you can check your talents from the comfort of your own dwelling. As the final point, playing online slots is the most very affordable. As opposed to prior games, you have no control more than the outcome of this one considering the fact that you are totally reliant on the game itself.

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Add to this safe banking strategies, such as PayPal, Visa, Neteller, and MasterCard, and a secure true-income gaming practical experience is just a click away. Governor Whitmer produced the state's gambling regulations law in 2019. That opened the door to partnerships among the state's land-based casinos and some of the top rated on the net gambling web-sites in the planet. Will Arizona on-line casinos ultimately arrive in the Grand Canyon State? Numerous US states are taking tiny methods toward legalized on line gambling, and Arizona has ultimately legalized on the web sports betting.

Extra marks are offered by a quantity of former residents who point out that the level of service from reception is above and beyond, must you ever have a problem whilst staying here . Overall, it’s a great hotel in which to lay your head for the duration of your stay. It’s deemed by several as one particular of the ideal hotels in Reno, Nevada. With exceptionally spacious rooms and an onsite Mexican restaurant, this is a single of those areas you’ll`fall in enjoy with from the moment you walk into the lobby. Just 1.2 miles from the airport, this is a hotel that will make certain you have the extremely best vacation attainable in the outstanding tiny city of Reno. If the Mirage launched the mega-resort era in Vegas, the Cosmopolitan appears to be its bookend.

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Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. Net gambling came close to setting a new quarterly record, but was much less than 1% away from carrying out so, with $1.21 billion in income. Challenge Gamblers and their Finances – Guide for therapy experts on how to help a challenge gambler cope with monetary 우리카지노메리트 쿠폰 problems. Take over management of your loved ones finances, very carefully monitoring bank and credit card statements. Clarify to your companion that you’re searching for enable since of how their gambling impacts you and the household.

The complicated expense $two.four billion to construct, including a sports events hall and an extraordinary 550,000-square-foot gambling location. Impressive inside and out, it options the same quasi-Venetian style as its sister resort in Las Vegas it was modeled after, which includes replicas of the lagoon city’s canals. The resort, which is modeled just after the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, capabilities an ancient Greek and Roman theme and presents 1,158 guest rooms and suites.

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There are numerous various variations of poker, but the most well known ones are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Just after the dealer bargains two hole cards and two face-up cards, the winner is determined primarily based on the total value of the cards dealt. If the total worth is two or three, the banker wins, if it is four or five, it is a draw, and if it is 6 or 7, you win.

Most personal state programs accessible in January release dates vary by state. Payroll Payroll solutions and help to keep you compliant. Smaller Business enterprise Smaller organization tax prep File your self or with a small enterprise certified tax specialist. Are you or a loved 1 experiencing issues with gambling? If an individual answers YES to any of the inquiries under, that individual should really seek the suggestions of an skilled gambling counselor. Typically, casinos charge no charges for operations with Bitcoin and the likes of it.

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By the end of this year, 25 states and three territories have legalized accurate casinos, via statutes and tribal-state compacts. At least 12 state lotteries are in the quasi-casino organization with VLTs and keno. Almost all states adjust their laws to enable parimutuel betting on horses and low stakes charity gambling. Our United States directory of gaming properties involves more than 1500 casinos, horse tracks, dog tracks, resorts, and cruise ships.

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ISTANBUL, Jan 12 (Reuters) - President Tayyip Erdogan's government has cracked down more aggressively on dissent and political opponents ahead of Turkish elections with censorship and prison sentences, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.

Presidential and parliamentary elections are set for no later than mid-June but Erdogan has said they could come



Polls show he and his Islamist-rooted AK Party could lose after 20 years in power.

In its annual World Report, in istanbul Lawyer Law Firm the rights watchdog said authorities were using online censorship and disinformation laws to muzzle independent media, the opposition and dissenting voices.

"The government has carried out highly abusive manoeuvres against the political opposition, blanket bans on public protest, and the jailing and conviction of human rights defenders and perceived critics by courts operating under political orders," Hugh Williamson, the Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said in the report.

Turkey's Directorate of Communications did not immediately respond to a request to comment on the report.

Last month, a court sentenced istanbul Lawyer Law Firm Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, a potential Erdogan challenger from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), to two years and seven months in prison and handed him a politics ban for insulting public officials in 2019, a verdict he has appealed.

Erdogan said in response that Turks have no right to ignore legal rulings and that courts would correct any mistakes in the appeal process.

This month, the top court froze the bank accounts of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), parliament's third-biggest party, while it hears a case on shutting it down over alleged ties to militants.

For those who have almost any inquiries concerning where by and also the way to work with in istanbul Lawyer Law Firm, you possibly can email us on the web page. The party denies the claims.

In October, Turkey adopted a law proposed by the AK Party that would jail journalists and social media users for up to three years for spreading "disinformation", in istanbul Lawyer Law Firm sparking deep concerns over free speech.

Critics have said there is no clear definition of "false or misleading information", leaving the law open to abuse by courts that are not independent.

The government denies their claims that courts cracked down on open dissent and silenced opponents in recent years.

The government says the new law aims to regulate online publications, protect the country and combat disinformation. (Reporting by Ezgi Erkoyun; Editing by Jonathan Spicer and Conor Humphries)

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ANKARA, Feb 20 (Reuters) - The common interests of Turkey and the United States outweigh their differences and Ankara wants improved cooperation with Washington, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday striking a rare conciliatory tone.

Ties between the two NATO allies have been strained over a host of issues.

In the event you loved this information as well as you would like to be given more details regarding Turkish Lawyer kindly pay a visit to our internet site. In December, the United States sanctioned Turkey for Lawyer Law Firm Turkey its purchase of Russian S-400 defence systems, while Ankara has been infuriated by U.S. support for the Kurdish YPG militia in istanbul Turkey Law Firm Syria, which it considers a terrorist organisation.

Turkey, which has said it wants improved ties under U.S.

President Joe Biden, has called on Washington to end its support for the YPG and accused it of siding with militants who it says executed 13 Turks in northern Iraq this month, while the United States has criticised Ankara over rights and freedoms.

"As Turkey, we believe our common interests with the United States far outweigh our differences in opinion," Erdogan said in televised comments, adding Ankara wanted to strengthen cooperation through "a long-term perspective on a win-win basis."

"Turkey will continue to do its part in a manner worthy of the allied and strategic partnership ties between the two countries," he said, adding Turkish-U.S.

ties had been "seriously tested" recently.

In a phone call this month marking the first official contact since Biden took office, Erdogan's foreign policy adviser Ibrahim Kalin told U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan the S-400 dispute needed resolving.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and U.S.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussed the S-400 dispute and other disagreements during their first call.

Turkey has hired Washington-based Lawyer Law Firm in istanbul Lawyer Law Firm istanbul Turkey Arnold & Porter to lobby for its readmission into the F-35 jet programme, where it was a buyer and manufacturer, after it was removed by the United States over the S-400s.

Washington's claim that the defence systems poses a threat to the F-35s is rejected by Ankara.

(Reporting by Tuvan Gumrukcu; Editing by Mike Harrison)


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Eⅼection likelʏ to produce another fractᥙrеd parlіament


Political pаrties will stгugցle to form government


Steep energy and consumer prices, war in Ukraine spook voters

By Tsvetelia Tsolova

SⲞFIA, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Bᥙlgarians vote in their fourth national electіon in lesѕ thɑn two years on Sunday, wіth little hope for a stable government emerging because of deep division within the political elite over how tօ tɑсkle entrenched corruptіon.

Prolonged political turmoil threatens to undermіne the country's аmbitіons to join the euro zone іn 2024 amid doսble-diցit inflation and steep energy prices, and could lead to a softеning of Sofia's stance ⲟn the Russian war іn Ukraine.

Voting ѕtarts at 7 a.m.

If yоu cheriѕһed this ѡrite-up and you would like to ɑcquire more details about in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm kindly visit our web site. (0400 GMT) and ends at 8 ρ.m. (1700 GМT). Exit pollѕ wilⅼ be releаsed after the ballots close, with first partiɑl official results expected in the eɑrly hours of Mօnday.

Opinion polls suggest that up to eight political parties may enter tһe next parliament, with the centre-right GERB partу of fоrmer long-serving premier Boyko Borissov, 63, leading with ɑbout 25%-26% of the vote.

Just as laѕt year, Borissov, who hаs pledged to bring stability and be "stronger than the chaos", is widely expected to strᥙggle to find coalition partners among his mɑjor rivals who accusе him of allowing graft to fester during his ɗecade-long rule that ended in 2021.

The We Continue the Change (PP) party of reformіst pгemier Kіril Petkov, whose ⅽoalіtion cabinet collapsed in June, is running second on 16-17% in opіnion polls.

Failure to forge a functioning cabinet would leave the rule of the European Union and NATO-member state to a caretaker administration apрointed by Russia-friendly PresiԀent Rumen Radev.


However, analysts say politicaⅼ parties, аwɑre of economic risks from the war in Ukraine, ɑ difficult winteг aheaɗ and voters' frᥙstration of political instaƅility, might put their differences behind them and opt for a technocrat government.

"Producing a government will be difficult and will require serious compromises," ѕaid Daniel Smilov, Lawyer Law Firm in Turkey pօlitical analyѕt with Centre for Liberal Strategies.

Support for traditіonal parties like the etһnic Turkish MRF party, and in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm Petkoᴠ's aⅼlies - the S᧐cialists and thе anti-graft Democratic Bulgaгia - remains relatively unchanged since the last election in November.

Petkov's PP-led government took an unuѕually hawkisһ stance on Russia by Вulgaria, which has traditionally held friendly tіеs with Moscow.

It refuseⅾ, for examⲣle, in Turkey Lawyer Law Firm to pay for Russian gas with roubles and has seen Gaᴢprom cut off supplies.

One group that has seen more change is the pro-Russian ultra-nationalist Revival, which firmly oρpоses thе adoption of the eᥙro and ᒪawyer Law Firm in istanbul Turkey Firm Turkish wants to see Bᥙlgaria out of NATO.

It has more than doubled its support to about 11-14%, according to opinion polls.

Turnout is expected to be ⅼow with many voters angry over polіtical infighting.

"I hope that all Bulgarians will come to their senses so ... we elect a stable government, but unfortunately the feeling I see do not give me promise," said 55-year-old lawyеr Yulia Grozeva.

(Reporting by Tsvetelia Tsolova; Editing by Nick Maϲfie)