NOVA Course

Starting in February 2022, there will be one module offered each month. A module will consist of presentations, case-studies, and reading material all put together in an effective webinar format. In each webinar there will be a heavy emphasis on interactivity through Q&A, so it will be an excellent opportunity to address your specific questions. The module topics are listed below and although they are targeted toward students in engineering and business colleges, each session is open to anyone to attend. Sessions will also be recorded for convenient later viewing

Following modules will be  offered in this course

1. Strategic Planning 
2. Trade Study & Research 
3. Product and Technology Requirements
4. Product Concept Development
5. Technology Development 
6. Detailed Product Development (1)
7. Detailed Product Development  (2)
8. Collaboration & Partnering
9. Procurement and Vendor Management
10. Manufacturing Engineering
11. Manufacturing Operations
12. Productization
13. Marketing
14. Direct Selling, Direct Marketing, and 3rd party  Distribution
15. Customer Support
16. Life-Cycle Management

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M. Salahuddin Khan
Aerospace engineer, with experience in automotive engineering, consumer products, and many B2B markets, and presently, Chief Technology Officer at Byonyks Med Devices. Also Managing Partner of QMarket Corp. A product development consulting company.
Formerly Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Global Marketing and Strategy at HERE Maps, and Chief Technology Officer at  Computervision Corp.

Imran H. Khan
Avionics Engineer with Masters in Electrical Engineering. Experienced in designing products for communications, machine vision, video conferencing, imaging and IOT Markets. 
Experienced in Developing Technologies for Electronic Warfare, Lidars, Giga Pixel Camera, Video Compression, Persistent Surveillance, Neural Human Interfaces, Multi Computing, Hardware Agnostic Streaming Architectures and Long Span IOT protocols. Technologies developed at Mercury Computers, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Draper Laboratory and Florida Applied Research. 
President and founder of SoftServ International Corp. (USA) and SoftServ Pvt Ltd. (Pakistan). Also Director of Vision Products at Kiethley Metrabyte and Senior Manager Engineering at Perception Technologies. CoFounder of Recognition Technology Inc. CoFounder and First President of OPEN. Instructor of Master's On Line Course at Brandeis University online in Robotic Sensing and Perception.

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