NOVA Contest

To compete in the 2022 (Inaugural) Annual NOVA Contest, NOVA Teams will be required to design, develop, test, and deliver to the NOVA Contest organizers, a productized robotics kit intended for high school seniors. What your team will need to do is to demonstrate and document all aspects of

a. Establishing requirements
b. Ideation
c. Concept development and evaluation
d. Detailed design
e. Manufacture
f. Test
g. Package development
h. Online support
i. Distribution

Key components will be specified from which to develop your kit. Using those parts and others that you may design, you will attempt to meet the market  needs as you have identified them but at a target built cost of $50.00
including all components, ancillary materials such as documentation,  packaging, and any online support as may be necessary.

Aside from the kit, you will be offered a variety of resources (to be found onthe [NOVA Contest’s Resources] web page). These will include various  sources of supplied products and services. Also, the NOVA Contest
organizer’s will host a “marketplace” page where you will be able to ask  questions and obtain answers about the simulated market in which your product will be judged.

Beyond producing the kit as such, you will also be asked to provide all necessary manufacturing information needed to allow production and  shipment of your product through your chosen distribution channel(s). This
package will at least include design, component process plans, necessary  tools, and assembly processes, quality control, and packaging. 

In order to enter, you will be required to form a NOVA Team of not less than 4 individuals in total and each must be in an undergraduate program at one  of the eligible institutions that have been pre-qualified and listed in the [NOVA Registered Institutions List]. Though not essential, you are STRONGLY
encouraged to engage team members representing a cross section of aptitudes or skills. These could include creative, artistic, design skills all the  way through to manufacturing technology or testing, or marketing skills. And
remember, the [NOVA Course] is specifically designed to fill knowledge gaps  wherever they may be.

While meeting all applicable deadlines for each milestone/phase of the NOVA Contest, successful NOVA Team will need to score highly across 10 different  dimensions. Check the NOVA Contest’s rules for published weightings for
each dimension indicating its relative importance in the simulated market.
1. Functionality
2. Ease-of-use
3. Aesthetics
4. Cost / Price
5. Size and weight
6. Manufacturability
7. Documentation
8. Packaging
9. Robustness
10. Environmental impact

Note that this simulated market need not be identical to any real-world market although it could be based on something like a real marketplace.

Click here to [Register to form a NOVA Team]. Remember, all NOVA Team members MUST be registered for the NOVA Course, and MUST be in full-time  study at a NOVA Registered Institution, although not all members of a NOVA team need to be attending the same institution.

Once you have registered yourself and at least 3 other NOVA Course registered participants, you will be assigned a NOVA Team identity and that  will remain throughout the NOVA Contest.

NOVA Contest Rules

NOVA Rules will be shared soon.

NOVA Registered Institutions

NOVA Registered Institutions List will be shared soon