(FYP) 2023

Participation in the 2023 NOVA FYP, NOVA Teams will be required to design, develop, test, and deliver to the NOVA organizers, a productized robotics kit intended to teach STEM education for high school seniors, who may or may NOT have a teacher.

Your team will need to demonstrate and document all aspects of

a.   Establishing requirements

b.   Ideation

c.  Concept development and evaluation

d.   Detailed design

e.   Manufacture

f.   Test

g.   Package development

h.   Productization

h. Online support

i. Distribution

Key components will be suggested from which to develop your product. Using those parts and others that you may design, you will attempt to meet the market needs, as you have identified them, but at a target build cost of $50.00 or close to it in 1000 Quantity. This includes all components, ancillary materials such as documentation, packaging, and any online support as may be necessary.


You will be offered a variety of resources (to be found on the [NOVA FYP’s Resources] web page). These will include various sources of supplied products and services.


Beyond producing the kit as such, you will also be asked to provide all necessary manufacturing information needed to allow production and shipment of your product through your chosen distribution channel(s). This package will at least include design, component process plans, necessary tools, and assembly processes, quality control, and packaging.


Ideally your team will consist of team members have domain knowledge in


Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial Design, Software, Marketing, Business, IP Law, Industrial Engineering, Materials/Chemistry and Education.


A successful NOVA Team will need to score highly across 11 different dimensions.

1.  Functionality

2.  Ease-of-use

3.  Aesthetics

4.  Cost / Price

5.  Size and weight

6.  Manufacturability

7.  Documentation

8. Packaging

9. Robustness

10. Environmental impact

11. Effectiveness in teaching

For further details please contact on the given email: